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A.D.Cochrane Design & Draw Limited
P.O. Box 3209, Richmond
PH/Fax 64 3 544 0799

To whom it may concern,

Mark O’Neil of ‘Install Wi-Fi Nelson’ installed a wireless repeater for our Wi-Fi system including replacing the base unit with more stable software. Before he did this upgrade, the base unit often froze and needed to be restarted, since his work was completed we have enjoyed reliable Wi-Fi with no interruptions and the repeater unit has also extended our Wi-Fi range to cover the whole property.

While installing our new Wi-Fi system Mark also helped us deal with a variety of other computer software issues that we had been struggling with and we have since had him back to deal with some more. Each time things that had used up much of my time were quickly resolved and relieving us of computer difficulties. Mark’s expertise has benefited our operation and service, he is enthusiastic, courteous, reliable and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Mark for your Wi-Fi wireless and other computer needs. We hope his venture will expand and prosper. Kind Regards

Anton Cochrane, Richmond, Nelson

Here at the Arcadia Motel we would not hesitate to recommend “Install Wifi Nelson” to get your Wi-Fi hooked up and ready for use. We found Mark to be very knowledgeable and very easy to communicate with in regards to our requirements. His assistance with full explanation of the whole process, very competitive fee, super quick installation and up and running service was exactly what we were looking for.

Thanks Mark.
Kind regards

Andy & Jena, Owners

I got Mark from Install WiFi Nelson to visit and help me with my computer as it was very slow. Mark was very helpful and patient. He cleaned up my computer and installed Advanced SystemCare for me to be able to keep my computer in good state. Then he added Smart Defrag 4 which cleans up my P.C. Mark also is willing to help me if I have problems.

Thank you Mark.
You are a wonderful help

Viv, Richmond, Nelson